Chemistry lab is spacious and can accommodate 24 students at a time. Each table is provided with a granite top, shelves, basin and racks. Table reagents like HCl, H2SO4, NH4OH, NaOH etc are provided on the racks. The lab is also equipped with beam balances and electronic balance. The fire extinguisher and First Aid Box are within easy access in case of emergencies. The lab has a storage room for reagents.


The school has a well equipped and ventilated lab that can accommodate 40 students at a time. Each table has an electric supply that enables students to do their practicals effectively. Equipments like sonometer, Grave’s sand apparatus, resonance column, Meter Bridge etc are there in sufficient numbers. The lab is equipped with fire fighting equipment and intercom. Model of satellite launching vehicles are available. Open lab is conducted to develop interest and skill in the subject.


Biology lab is well equipped with facilities to conduct practicals for classes up to standard XII. The lab is well ventilated and spacious and can accommodate 35 students at a time. Lab has a collection of plant and animal specimens, charts, models, compound microscopes, dissection microscopes, electronic balance, permanent slides etc. There are also indoor plants and a small aquarium in the lab.


Home science was started in 1995. The lab is spacious and can accommodate 25 students at a time. It has all the facilities to conduct practicals for classes from IX to XII. The lab is equipped with gas stoves, a refrigerator, separate washing areas, utensils and crockery sets.


With a vision to cultivate one million child innovators in India, Atal Innovation Mission  by NITI Aayog and Government of India  envisaged a novel programme - establishment of Atal Tinkering Laboratories in schools across the country. It was a proud moment  for Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir , Elamakkara to become eligible for the grant in aid from the Government of India for setting up the Atal Tinkering Lab. Our school is also a part of the mission which creates a novel environment to foster scientific temper, innovation and creativity amongst students 


Maths lab is spacious enough to accommodate 30-40 students at a time. There is enough space for the students to perform their activities with ease and move freely to interact with fellow students and with the teacher. It is equipped with instruments like Teacher’s instrument box, Mathematical tables, solids (cubes, cuboids, sphere, cone, cylinder etc), Measuring instruments, cutting instruments etc.It also has working models and projects prepared by students. There is a notice board to display mathematical charts. Portraits of mathematicians along with their work are also displayed.


The School has both a Senior and a Junior Computer lab which can accommodate approximately 40 students. It is equipped with latest hardware and software.


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