Senses Interactive Flat Panel

Intelligent interactive flat panel provided by senses replaced the existing digital board / blackboard in our classrooms. Even though designed for offline mode of teaching, the panel can be used for hybrid sessions as well by installing an external webcam. The panel is compatible with all cameras.  

Black board/ white board or theme-based background is available with the panel for writing, drawing and annotation. A battery free stylus is also available with the panel. The panel is easy to handle for all type of end users. The tedious job of turning on multiple devices like CPU, Projector, White board etc are done away with as the FPD starts working with just one button press. The panel also supports dual operating systems – Android and Windows. OPS is inbuilt as a single board computer which makes it thinner in design.


The panel has additional features including AI enabled multilanguage voice detection for detecting and following instructions. Handwriting recognition is also available using which handwritten notes can be converted into digital text. The content written on the board can be saved for future use.

The panel also provides common features like two-line, four-line (with provision to adjust line spacing) , graph paper and other Mathematical tools. The screen has a toughened glass protection with the spacing between the screen and screen guard is negligible to improve clarity. Split screen feature, wireless mirroring, and image insertion from google into the canvas are some of the additional features provided. The panel has a power saving design which enables auto power off.

This FPD can accept student responses during a quiz/poll. An additional tablet/device can be availed through which each student can connect to the device to send their response. 

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