Fitness Week Celebrations


A positive state of mind is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Mental well-being has a vital role to play in the life of a student. As part of Fit India Movement, Fitness Week Celebration – 2019, the students of Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara, organised various activities to create awareness about mental health among the students.

On day 2, a debate was organised for Std IX and XI on the topic “Mental health is more important than physical health”. The students spoke eloquently on the topic. The session was a kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts and perspectives that enhanced the knowledge and understanding. After the debate, there was a discussion on the need and importance of stress relief activities for children in the school. The participants compiled a list of stress relievers that is relatively easy, quick and relevant to a student’s life such as visualisation, breathing exercises and music. A few activities were demonstrated by the participants which made the session lively and enjoyable.




As we all know, yoga is physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines, which originated in ancient India and has been inherited by our generation in the form that it is today from the sage Patanjali, through his authentic text. As it is a divine gift that can unite our body and mind, we need to make it a part of our routine. Practice sessions and meditation are held daily in our school to give the students awareness about the benefits of yoga.

In connection with the fitness week, today (18/11/2019) we had a yoga session in the morning assembly. We started with a prayer, loosening exercises followed by three asanas. Children were made to do thadasana, ardhakatichakrasana and thirkonasana. It concluded with a closing prayer.


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