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 National Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on December 22 across the Nation to commemorate the works of the legendary Mathematician Sreenivas Ramanujan. In connection with this, various programmes were organised by the Department of Mathematics and the students of Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara. 

An exhibition was conducted for the students of std I to V from December 1 to 3. Children made exhibits based on Mathematical concepts and presented it during their Maths period. Students were highly enthusiastic to display and explain their concept. On December 11, an online maths quiz was arranged for the students of Std VI to VIII. Std IX students were on the forefront to conduct the programme. The quiz consisted of 3 rounds with 5 teams of two participants each. In the final round, Team A comprising Aman B Manoj and Foustina Rani Foustus of class VII B emerged as the winners of the quiz with 75 points.

On December 22nd an enlightening and entertaining webinar was organised for the students of std IX and XI. The resource person for the day was Dr. Mary Matilda PV. The master of ceremony was Achsah Jan Giby of std IX and Gowthami Gopan welcomed the gathering.

Madam Matilda talked about the importance of Mathematics in daily life. She conveyed that even though at this age students find difficulty in studying the theorem or understanding the proof given by Sreenivasa Ramanujan, children can inculcate many values of curiosity and generosity from his life. She highlighted the various fields in which Mathematics is applied to develop our brain, for measurement and for logical reasoning.


There was also an interactive session where students posted their queries and madam was very much delighted to clarify all their doubts. She kept on reminding the students to come out of their comfort zones and restrict the inhibition towards the subject ‘Mathematics’ and motivated them to work harder to do well in their exams. The session came to an end by 3:10 pm and Roshan Anil Kumar of std IX D proposed the vote of thanks.

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