New School Parliament Sworn in at Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara. In a ceremony brimming with excitement and promise, the newly elected members of the Bhavan's Vidya Mandir,  Elamakkara School  Parliament 2024-2025 were officially sworn in on Thursday,  20 June 2024.The event took place in Kulapati K M Munshi Auditorium ,attended by students, faculty and proud parents.


The ceremony began with a grand march past by the newly chosen leaders and the representatives of the various houses. The student representatives  were presented with the lighted lamps. Principal Smt. Mini K handed over the school flag to the Senior School Head Boy. The office bearers  took the oath to perform their duties with integrity and dedication.  The newly appointed  Senior Head Boy,  Senior Head Girl, Senior Sports  Captain delivered their acceptance speech. They expressed their gratitude for the trust placed in them and outlined their vision and goals for the academic year 2024-2025.  The Senior Head Boy gave his first command. The event concluded  with the national anthem.


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